Pharmaceutical Science

Are you interested in the field of healthcare? Becoming a pharmacy technician is a great place to start. The Pharmaceutical Science program is designed for students who want to be a critical member of the healthcare team, essential to provide patients with safe and effective medication therapy.

The Pharmaceutical Science program provides training in basic elements of the field of pharmacy such as medical abbreviations, prescription writing and interpretation, drug forms and routes of administration, non-sterile and sterile compounding, as well as developing relationships between the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician and customers.

This two year program meets at Copley High School and provides training in the field of Pharmacy Technology, with a focus on theory and hands on training of medications, law and inventory skills with the potential to earn the Pharmacy Tech credential. Students completing the Pharmaceutical Science program can go to work immediately in an entry level position or continue their education for additional certifications and opportunities.

See the Virtual Spring Open House for incoming Compact students participating in Pharmaceutical Science.

Pharmaceutical Science Program Brochure

How to accurately prepare and distribute patient medications

Perform calculations

Preparation of sterile medicines

Techniques of collecting accurate patient information

Third party billing and prior authorization completion

Use of technology to help maintain accurate patient records, medication inventory and orders

How to enusre compliance and regulatory requirements

Retail Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Mail Order Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Drug Companies

Nuclear Pharmacy

Pharmacy Insurance Technician

Computer Order Entry Technician