Compact Scholarships


SME Education Foundation

The Foundation awards millions of dollars annually to students pursuing manufacturing or engineering related degrees, at community colleges or 4-year universities. The Foundation offers scholarships for all students including women, minorities, and those with financial need. By completing one application, students are considered for all Foundation scholarships!

Learn more about SME Education Foundation’s Need-based, Renewable Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors:

Darrell Parks Student Scholarship

Each year, Ohio ACTE awards up to two Darrell Parks Student Scholarships, which provide $1,000 toward the continuing education of career-technical graduates.  

The winners are chosen by Dr. Darrell Parks, former director of the ODE Office of CTE and past Executive Director of Ohio ACTE.  Click here for the application.


Dr. G. James Pinchak Memorial Scholarship

OCTA is pleased to announce a scholarship for senior students who are on track to graduate and complete a career technical program in honor of De. James Pinchak.  Scholarships are to be awarded by Region and distributed prior to the end othe school year.  Click here to apply!


Stone Ledges Scholarships

Apply here.


Alec M. Leatherman Memorial Scholarship

Click here to apply.

Scholarship applications will be evaluated by the trustees of the Scholarship Foundation of Wadsworth, and finalists for consideration will be asked to attend an interview in March or April. At that time, finalists will be required to produce documentation of their FAFSA EFC number (expected family contribution). Please make your parents aware of this so that they may complete the FAFSA in a timely manner. The FAFSA e-mail notification is sufficient proof.

If for any reason you are unable to fill out this application on-line or have problems submitting your answers, please print out and complete the form then mail to Wadsworth Scholarship Foundation, PO Box 441, Wadsworth, Ohio 44282 or email to


The Greg North Memorial Scholarship

The applicant must be enrolled in a college, university or vocational/technical program.  Preference shall be given to applicants who plan to pursue a career in a trade.  The recipient of this scholarship will also be selected on the basis of having shown the ability to work hard and display a never give up attitude.  Click here to apply.


Other Scholarships Not Specific to the Compact


Flohr Machine Scholarship

The Flohr Machine Company is a family owned and operated full-service precision contract machining company in Barberton, Ohio.  Flohr Machine will be offering two scholarships per year.

Access the application here.


National Technical Honor Society Scholarships

Click here to visit the NTHS website.