Compact Set to Begin New School Year

This butterfly at the Compact Carpentry house today was a hopeful and calming site as we look forward to the new school year! It truly has been a hectic several months of planning and we appreciate the patience and understanding shown by our students and parents as we worked through many issues. I feel at this point we have solid plans to start the year, and thank all our teachers, administrators, support staff, and Compact staff for their hard work.

As we look to start up with programs at both Copley and Norton next week (starting 8/24), students in Copley High School and Norton High School programs should have received information from their teachers about next week’s start-up activities which include various items such as: materials pick up, directions for joining virtual classrooms, filling out needed forms, covering schedules, assigning district logins and other items of that nature. If anyone in those programs has not received detailed information please contact me at, and we will get you taken care of.

All other programs at Barberton and Wadsworth will start the following week (on either 8/31 or 9/1).

Compact Busses will also start running in all four districts on August 31st. We will send out more information next week for programs at those schools.