Fire Safety Practices with Jaw of Life

When we talk about "HANDS-ON, MINDS-ON" learning in Career Tech Education, we love real world training experiences like the ones this week provided in the Compact's Fire Safety Program (at Barberton High School).  The students were practicing vehicle extrication techniques used to rescue car crash victims.  Under the close supervision of Teacher and Firefighter Tim McCurry and Firefighter/Fire Instructor (and Wadsworth High School Graduate) Adam Copley, the students operated the "Jaws of Life" and other powerful cutting tools while learning how to create room to assist and free people in accident situations.  They learned how each rescue situation is unique and requires a well planned approach.  Firefighters Scott Vallant and Alec Vallant (Program graduate and now full-time Wadsworth Firefighter)  were on hand to assist as well.  Many thanks to the Wadsworth Fire Department for all their help with the training, and to both Wadsworth Towing and Valley View Towing for providing the vehicles for our future every day heroes to practice on.