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       Donald Trump on choosing a career you'll love....and be good at.


       Jack Canfield on choosing a career


       Six Choices after high school.     Produced in Canada but the basics apply.


       Preparing for the future





       Top 50 Jobs in the next 6 years.




Ten Hot Careers For 2012 Include Engineering, Skilled Trades, Biotech.

Anne Fisher writes in Fortune Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (12/29) about the "ten hot careers for 2012," which include IT, healthcare professions, engineering, industrial and skilled trades positions, and biotech, among others. "Hiring overall probably won't pick up much next year, but there are pockets of prosperity even in this job market," Fisher writes. "Despite the fact that unemployment is stuck at around 9%, which translates to about 15 million Americans out of work, nearly 3 million job openings in the US are going unfilled," in part because of "a mismatch between the qualifications employers are looking for and the skills job hunters have."  Click here for the whole story.


Machinists in Great Demand

Machinists in Great Demand

Astro executives not only hired him, they asked if he could bring in 10 more young people like himself. Slamic, who makes more than $20 an hour as a machinist, said he could not bring even one.

"My friends, they've got a false perception," he said, as a $300,000 computer-driven lathe thrummed gently behind him. "They think it's a dirty job, factory work. They don't actually know what it's like."

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